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 Polk Power Plant 

Polk Power Station of Tampa Electric Co. is a 250 MW, Power only, Coal/Pet Coke fired IGCC Plant. It combines a GE gasification system with a GE 107FA CC. Started in Sept. 1996, it has accumulated 110,000 hours of syngas operation. First IGCC plant to use Nitrogen Injection to reduce NOx and hold full power at 90F / 32C.

Shell Pernis is a 115 MW IGCC Plant with co-production of 255 t/d Hydrogen and Steam from Refinery residues. It incorporates 2 x 6B GE gas and steam turbines. First started in 1997, it has accumulated over 100,000 hours on syngas. This plant automatically switches to backup fuels to maintain high reliability of the Hydrogen and Steam.


Shell Pernis Netherlands



Sarlux Sardinia IGCC

Recent Plants

There are now 3nd generation USA IGCC Plants in Permitting, Under Construction and in Start-up including Duke Energy Edwardsport (618 MW), Kemper (584 MW),TCEP (400 MW) and HECA (320 MW) 




The Sarlux IGCC was the largest operating IGCC for many years and is  owned by SARAS. 3 x GE 109E CCs produce 550 MWs of electric power. The plant also co-produces Hydrogen and Steam from Vis Breaker Tar. This plant was project financed and completed startup in 2000 and has accumulated over 93,000 hours of operation.


Important International IGCC Plants include Japan's Nakoso (250 MW), Negishi (342 MW) & Chugoku (170 MW), Korea's KOWEPCO (400 MW), Europe's Nuon Buggenum (250 MW), Saudi Jazan (2400 MW), India's Jamnagar (1500 MW) & China's GreenGen (250 MW)